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Funny Adulting Sand Cup Holder

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This awesome plastic cup holder is PERFECT for beach or lake days. It is made of heavy duty plastic and is extremely sturdy in the sand.

Each beach cup holder measures 6.5" high x 5.5"wide x 3.25"deep. Fits easily in your beach bag and securely holds your beverages from falling in the sand.

Durable and heavy duty, these beach cup holders can be used multiple times with minimal wear and tear.

Just push it into the sand and put your favorite tumbler, sunglasses, phone, snacks or credit cards in it! 


Keeps every thing out of the sand and within easy reach!

Made to Order

1. Your order comes in

2. We print and press in our New Jersey workshop

3. We ship it out within 3 business days!

It's that easy :) And you're supporting our small woman-owned business and THAT, is pretty kick-ass