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Bitch Box - It's Hot As Balls Outside

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This purchase is for the JUNE Bitch Box ONLY. This is NOT a reoccurring subscription.

-  Waterbottle ( $34.99 Value)

- "Shady Bitch" UV Printed Sunglasses ($6.99 Value)

-  "So Fucking Hot!" Battery operated Fan ($14.99 Value)

-  "Off Fucking Duty" Scrunchie Set ($6.99 Value)

-  Beachy Hair Pins ($12.99 Value)

- "I Ain't Doing Shit Today" Cooler Bag (Cooler is on the bottom) ($29.99Value)

- Let's be Lazy Assholes Today Beach Towel

Over $100 Value!!

Made to Order

1. Your order comes in

2. We print and press in our New Jersey workshop

3. We ship it out within 3 business days!

It's that easy :) And you're supporting our small woman-owned business and THAT, is pretty kick-ass